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Friday, August 5, 2011


I love that these pictures make it look like a "perfect" afternoon. I wish I had a video camera to actually show you what happened.

Graham woke up from his nap grumpy.
I was feeding the babies and he tried to burp Sadie's tummy, not her back.
Graham started screaming. I don't know why.
Max started screaming (he's having problems pooping).
I make 3 trips to bring the babies, their bouncers, the blanket, the camera, and bubbles outside.
It's still really hot outside.
We are all sweating.
I start blowing bubbles and they get all over the blanket.
Graham blows bubbles and they get all over all of us.
No biggie because none of us have showered today.
I take a few pictures.
Graham shakes Sadie's bouncer then tries to sit on Max.
Graham sees his Papo on a tractor across the field and starts running towards him.
Do I chase his or leave the babies?
Max starts screaming.

I'm not trying to be negative here but I think we do a disservice to ourselves and others to try and act like everything is perfect. We don't need to go around complaining about everything, that's annoying, but let's stop pretending because when we do we put pressure on others and ourselves to obtain this certain level of perfection that doesn't exist. We can still be happy when things aren't perfect. And what a great thing to teach our kids. 

Alright, I'm getting off my soapbox now.

I got these photoshop actions from my friend emily's blog who got it from this lady's blog.
 I used seventies and homeland.


  1. I completely agree with you. I feel like I read some people's blogs and everything looks PERFECT. All. The. Time. I'm with you - honesty is important because we're painting some pretty unrealistic pictures and then we hold ourselves against them and judge. I'm glad you're honest.

  2. I am guilty of thinking others are perfect and I am not. I find myself shocked to hear people have the same issues I have with bedtime, feeding kids and other mom things. I think people do act perfect because the real them isn't acceptable to them. I love every word you said and I agree. The imperfections of life are beautiful.

  3. I love your candidness and honesty! It's refreshing.
    PS - My son had a lot of pooping problems as a baby & toddler (actually he still does). I finally took him to the Dr (and paid a big co-pay) and the Dr told me to give him some apple or prune juice (or milk of magnesia). Start with VERY small amounts (like 1 tsp) once a day or you'll have the opposite problem! If after a few days it doesn't help, increase the amount a bit for a few days. Once you get to a good amount and he is "regular" again try cutting back (like the same amount every other day, or 1/2 the amount every day) and see if he still needs it. We still have to be very sensitive to how much (or how little) juice our son drinks.

  4. yay! i love that you always talk about not showering! haha there's a reason why i only wash my hair once a week, jumping in with a shower cap for 3 mins its so much are awesome!

  5. Seriously, I love you. You keep it real and it's so refreshing and awesome. Also, I'm loving the photoshop actions! Oh yeeeeeah!!!

  6. Thanks, Brooke. I just left a comment on my own post for you. I'll shot you an e-mail, too.

  7. Amen, Sister! I couldn't agree more, Brooke. NO ONE IS PERFECT. And we have to stop thinking others are, and stop trying to pretend we are, too. It just leads to disaster. We can run ourselves ragged trying to make it all perfect & then when disappointment hits we wonder why. Haha! Aren't we just so silly sometimes!? Thanks for your post. It made my day. Love you!