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Wednesday, August 31, 2011


So it's official! We are moving!!! When we were first married we bought a house. We've moved around a lot since then and have been renting it out. The guy we rented it to is moving out and it's kind of perfect timing because we are growing out of the place we are in.

We want to do some repairs and make it cozy so it will be a place we want to stay for the next few years. We are hoping to get into U of A Phoenix so that would keep us here.

The house is really old. And has lots of weird things. Like the master bedroom has 3 closets. And the front door has two entryways. These things might sound cool but no, they are not. They look tacky. I will take some before pictures and hopefully really cool after pictures!

We will be working on it for the next couple of months. We want to be in by the beginning of November or sooner.

I'm addicted to pinterest of course and have been pinning away for my dream house for a while now.  I hope the after pictures look a little like this.

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