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Saturday, August 13, 2011

"I'm the picture taker, The photo album maker, I'd like to take your picture if your pllllllease"

I've had 4 photo shoots in the last week and I'm having the hardest time not posting them all right now. I am waiting to put them on MY WEB SITE!!   I have to give you something to look forward too. The first shoot was "senior pictures", the second "bridals", third "engagements", and the last was "kids/children...whatever you call it..." They were all so fun! 

It's really killing me not to post them, you know how I love to post everything.... Ok just one!

Life has ben good and crazy like usual. 

We're getting our family pictures taken before Chase leaves on his mission at the end of the month. 
I'm pretty excited. 
I need to get everyone's outfits together. It's going to be my side of the family. 
We are going for nice.
 Not Sunday clothes and not basketball short, ya know "fancy". 
I'm interested to see how everyones outfits turn out (I think about this stuff a lot now-a-days). 

I'm most interested to see what dad and Paige wear....


Ashely used to play this song over and over and over again on the piano:

"I'm the picture taker, the photo album maker. I'd like to take your picture if you plllllllease." There's more. I've had this song stuck in my head for the last 10 years. Thanks Ash.  

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  1. ahh! can't wait to see the website! you're such a tease.... (:

    p.s. glad you discovered my new blog! (: