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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chandler's First Football Game of the Season and My Date With Graham

Before we went to Chandler's (my 15 year-old brother) football game Graham and I went to Los Favoritos. Amron had already eaten and the babies were in the car so he drove around while Graham and I went in to eat.
I little background on Los Favoritos and I:

  •  It 's half a mile from the house I grew up in. 
  • My parents took us there all the time.
  • During my Sophomore year of high school we remodeled our house. Our kitchen was out of commission for about 3 months. I ate almost every meal there so after it was remodeled it was just a habit to go there.
  • All my friends loved it too. It was our hang out spot.
  • I have so many memories from that place.
Today when Graham and I sat down in a booth with our food all those fun memories came flooding back and I felt a little sad that things would never be like that again. But as I looked over at Graham with beans all over his chubby cheeks sticking his hand in the water cup then pulling it out and trying to flick it on me I smiled knowing that this day would be it's own memory and the start of new chapter with my kids and this place. 

I'm getting pretty sentimental about food huh? haha Don't even get me started on the green sauce!


  1. first of all brooke- you are beautiful!! i think it whenever i see a picture of you. so so pretty! second- i am also in love with their green sauce. amazing!! third- good luck with football season chandler!

  2. You're so pretty, Brooke! And I need to try that green sauce sometime... :)

  3. You are so nice Becky. This how I look (makeup on, hair done, showered) about 5 percent of the week. Maybe. So I have to document it of course!

    Thanks Candace!