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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

this boy.

This boy makes me so happy.

Yesterday he ate 8 containers of yogurt. 8. I encouraged him to eat other things but he would have none of it. I know I could have said no but he really likes it and it's not that bad of a thing to eat. He also tilts his head to the side, squints his eyes and in a really soft, sweet voice says, "plllllease, mom?" He figured out what he likes and then goes for it. I could learn something from that. 

He has a little ritual that he does. He goes to the drawer, grabs a spoon and waits for me to open the fridge. The yogurt is on the bottom shelf of the fridge. He takes them out one by one and looks at the different pictures on the container. He's always looking for blueberry. If he can't find it he will settle for strawberry and sometimes raspberry. After he chooses he puts them all back exactly how they were stacked before. And if I help but don't put them how they were he will correct me and make sure the strawberry is back on top of the peach just like before.  


  1. what a cutie! Kenzie loves yogurt too.

  2. I know exactly what you mean with a tilt of his head. I love that boy!!

  3. Aw, Graham is adorable. I'm with you... there's definitely worse things a toddler could eat! Just think... his little system is chock full of live cultures & probiotics. There's no way any bad stuff's gonna win in that GI tract!