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Monday, July 11, 2011


I bought this dress for Paigie, cute uh? And it only took her 6 months to decide she wanted to wear it.


 Chase and Zach

Graham is driving! ha

Sadie and Lizzie. We are already forcing them to be friends. 

And Graham watching Swamp People. Before this we watched Hoarders, I favorite of mine. On the one we watched a man hoarded rats. Sick. Mom loved that one!!

I think I want to be on the show. Not a hoarder but the cleaner-uper. I feel so accomplished after cleaning out a closet or organizing drawers. I can't imagine the feeling of accomplishment after cleaning one of those houses. And I used to have a pet rat. Perfect. 


  1. me to! i think it would be fun to pick through all their crap, oh i mean stuff....but i do love cleaning other people messes, oh wait thats why my house is always clean hahahah...ugh...

  2. Shannon, at least you have a good attitude about it! haha