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Sunday, July 10, 2011


road trip!

keepin' it classy 

my lover and I

Graham spotted this airplane

pre melt down

Sadie and her cute leg

Max looks like The Brain from Pinkey and The Brain

during melt down

some red rocks

Graham loves yogurt

but I think he likes frozen yogurt 

more! who doesn't?

my "I heart my hubby" shirt

I got more comments on this shirt in one day then any other shirt I have ever worn.

hot tubbin'

Chase and Mekenna

The Pool



Ash and Shane "goofin' off"

Maxer and Grandma



Sadie girl and Papa

The Grahambino and I

One of my favorite pics of the day. Notice: the pee dripping off Graham's diaper, the little boy shooting Shane, and where is Shane's head?

Another fav

And another

And this is what we found in our front yard when we got home.

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