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Friday, July 22, 2011


Today has been one of those know, where you are super busy but don't get that much done. For example: I have been in my gym clothes all day, since my 6 o'clock run. Sick, I know.

And my house is still dirty.

But, I did get to run to the store this morning with Graham.
And I worked on stuff for my photography website (that I am so, so excited about!) and planned some photo shoots.
I hung out with 2 of my friends
And I gave all the kids baths!!

I have to explain something about Graham. He is obsessed with eggs. Picking eggs actually. He cannot leave them alone. Hw was supposed to be putting these in the fridge while I ran to give the babies their binkey's. I was gone for about 7 seconds and I come back to this:

Max and Sadie have a fussy time. It's from about 7:30-8:30. Yesterday they cried for an hour straight. 

It was hell.

BUT last night then slept from 9 to 5:30! So we will forgive them.

I put Graham in the tub with his eggs

while trying to do some tummy time. It was crazy I tell you!

After Amron got home we wanted to celebrate it being Friday night. 
Don't you always feel like you should be doing something so fun and exciting on the weekends??? 
As a teenager I had something planned every Friday and Saturday. 
My dad said I needed to learn to be okay with not doing something. Well, I never did.

Graham and I went on a little date to Fry's. Graham in his pj's and me still in my gym clothes. 
We love Fry's because Graham can drive the little cars. 
And I love the buckle.

This is Graham's little dance he was doing before we left:

We decided to get stuff for pizza. 

Graham got his own.

Graham put this in my cart:

What do you even use lobster sauce for???

And we got Oreos.

We had a pretty good night. 

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