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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

update on Sadie Girl

Today was Sadie's appointment with the specialist. She has reflux and that is when your bladder shoots urine back up into your kidneys. The appointment went great. I was worried that she had an infection but  she doesn't! They gave her a different anti-biodic that is especially for her kidneys and bladder. The doctor said there is a 50-70% chance that she will outgrow it so they will see her at 6 months and then go from there. I feel very relieved. 


  1. Stella has that. And only 1 kidney. She hates the meds, but other than that it's been no biggie. Her 1 year follow up showed that she had outgrown the reflux a little, so it's been downgraded to a level 2. Hopefully Sadie's doesn't cause her any pain besides the meds!

  2. what great news! she is so adorable! your so strong! keep up the great work mom!!!! :)

  3. Heather- Yea, I guess it's kind of common. It's so good to hear that she is out growing it. Right now Sadie is at a level 3. I hope so too! Was she born with only one kidney? How did that happen? Did it have to do with the reflux?

    Jo jo- Thanks, love you!