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Thursday, June 30, 2011

sushi date

We grabbed some take out sushi last night on our way home from running errands. Then there was a mad dash to put Graham to bed and fed the babies. It was about an hour old when we ate it. Still good but...sushi should be fresh.

We really like sushi. Our favorite place is Takamatsu. We have been going there for a while now and haven't found anywhere that we like more. Plus they have all you can eat for 20 bucks. That's a pretty good deal if you eat a lot like us. 

Do you like sushi??

Where's your favorite place? 


  1. I love sushi! We've never tried Benihana's, but we've heard it's really good. And you get a 30 gift card for you birthday!

  2. My husband and my cute Aubrey LOVE sushi. They're alone in their cravings. :)

  3. We <3 love <3 sushi. We eat it every other week at least :) Have you ever tried Sushiya? If you ever go try their Arizona Roll!

    Also, Teharu Sushi (ray and the I10) is good sushi if you're on budget. Its conveyor belt sushi that was voted Best Of Phoenix for Sushi on a Budget. We are always super shocked when the bill comes and we don't have to empty our wallets.

  4. Andrea, We have been wanting to try that place! My sister and brother-in-law love it.

    Sarah, That's so cute Aubrey loves it!!! I bet not that many girls her age can say they do.

    BreAnn, I have never tried any of those places! Let's go to the Teharu Sushi sometime!