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Saturday, June 4, 2011

no pictures, sorry

Tonight Graham is "campin"(tent in the backyard) with grandma and papa. I didn't get any pictures. What's wrong with me?

I saw this and immediately thought of a few of my friends and family members. It seems like everyone is going through a hard time right now. One of my friends came over today that is going through an unbelievably hard trial. But she's so strong. And she brought me dinner tonight. She is amazing. 


  1. I know when I was compassionate service leader some of the women who were going through the hardest trials were the ones who we asked to help (take in meals, etc) and who offered to help. As first I thought, "no, they shouldn't be doing that" but then I realized they needed the escape from their own trials and the opportunity to serve and to focus on someone besides themselves & their problems.