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Thursday, June 30, 2011

I get excited

about weird things. I went to Sprouts before everyone woke up this morning and went a little crazy. I have been wanting to cook with different grains for a while but have lacked the motivation to cook in general. But for some reason little jars get me so excited, I just know it's going to help me use them. It was so fun scooping these too, you have to try it!

So these are the things I got:

Do you have any good recipes???

O, and have you seen Sadie lately? I mean since my blog post yesterday...

I think she's really cute.

P.S. Did you notice the adorable fabric tape I used on the jars?? I got it here.


  1. a couple of other easy ways to add grains- I make bread and have begun adding about a cup of cracked wheat to the recipe (it makes 4 loaves) and my family LOVES it! Also- I love to make soup and so I always add barley to my vegetable soups. So...there are 2 more hints!
    You have such a cute family!
    Robyn Steele

  2. Thanks! I haven't used barley before either, I'll have to give it a try.