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Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Amron served his mission in Merida, Mexico which is the very south of Mexico, around the Cancun area. I have been back with him twice and one of our favorite things is the food. Tonight we went to a little Mexican restaurant with Ash and Shane that they had heard about fromf Man Verse Food (haha!) That had food similar to Amron's mission. 

They had these drink everywhere down there. They are called agua frescas and they are just fruit, water and sugar blended up but they taste sooo good!

I got mango

And Amron got pineapple.

On this torta is steak, breaded beef, ham, hotdog, a chorizo omelet, avocado and some really good sauces.

I ate a lot of it.

Don't judge.

And I really, really liked this one; steak, cheese, tomato, avocado and sauce.

And dessert; chocolate cake with flan on top! Wow, it was amazing.

I would really recommend this place, if you want to go let us know we would use any excuse to go back. 

Here is their menu, check it out!


  1. YUM! they remind me of a place in uruguay called marcos' chivitos. i wish they had them here so badly!! i'm definitely going to have to give those tortas a shot & see how they compare! where is it?!

  2. We can do a double date! It's in Phoenix, I'm not exactly sure where.

  3. Okay.... you did it.... my mouth is watering now! Lets definitely go sometime!! I love trying new places, especially when recommended by people with my same tastes! = )

  4. I wanna go too someday so if you remember where let me know... okay... looks like you enjoyed yourself...