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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pre Baby Shower

Keep Sadie in your prayers. One of her tests came back showing she has a problem with her kidneys.


  1. looks like it was a blast! both of you sisters are gorgeous. I just have a Canon Rebel and use Picnik online to edit the pictures. No lenses. What do you use? your pictures always look so professional!

  2. Baby Max sleeping with his arms up is too precious. We're praying for little Sadie. You have been so positive but still honest throughout this trial - you really are an inspiration and such a good mother. xoxoxo

  3. Sara! Cool. I was wondering cuz some of your pictures looked like you had a lens with a big aperature. but i guess you used a blurring effect? thank you! i have a nikon d300s and the lens that i use a lot is 50mm prime lens 1.8. because of the big aperature i get the blurry background effect. i was just wondering! you are so cute!

    Emily-Thank you so, so much.