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Friday, May 27, 2011

The Mother of all Poops

There's been a lot of crap in my life lately, literally. Today Graham pooped out of his diaper and it got all over the kitchen. After Amron cleaned him up and he was in the bath we kept sleeping something.

Missed a spot!

Hope your day's not crappy! ha


  1. Can I just say I truly love reading your blog. I'm never bored and love getting to know your cute little family. Keep it up. You definitely have followers. :)
    Love, Diana

  2. Do you remember when we were eating those same type of popsicles at your house one day and I grabbed a sharp knife to cut mine open and sliced my hand open instead? Good times!

    Being a mom, I have to say I feel like I smell like poop all the time. I will be at the store and smell it and can't figure out where it's coming from cuz I swear I washed my hands 10 times. That probably will always be like that till my kids are all older!

  3. haha Yea, I remember that! Seriously. And puke.