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Thursday, May 26, 2011

more baths

Something really weird about me; I love awkward situations. 
I live for them. 
When I started driving and my sister or friends were in the passenger seat and we pulled up next to someone at a red light I would always roll their window down and then the person in the car would think that they like wanted to talk to them and it was just really funny to me.

Well, my mom came over yesterday to help give Max and Sadie baths. Paige and Chandler came with her. Paige is my little 10 year-old sister and Chandler is my 14 year-old (15 tomorrow) brother. Two of the young women were over helping me feed the babies and they just so happen to go to Perry and know Chandler. Chandler didn't know they were sitting on the couch right by the door so when he walked in he kinda yelled and made a really weird noise. Then when he saw the girls he just pretended like he didn't see them and walked over to the computer. 
I couldn't have planned that better myself. 

Love you Chandler!

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