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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

heading home

We have been staying with my parents for the last 5 weeks. They have helped us out so, so much. Just last night they did the mid-night feeding so Amon and I could get some sleep. We will miss it. Hopefully we survive on our own. We will see.


  1. They are just beautiful. I love the sleeping pics with their arms up--so sweet. They look so happy to be snuggled together. Brings back memories! So happy for you :-)

  2. The kids are so cute! Let me know if you need help with anything and I will try to help you :)

    My number is 480-209-4748

  3. Good luck heading home!! We'd love to come visit sometime and see your cuties. :)

  4. Sister McGrath-Thank you! I can't believe you had triplets. How did you ever sleep?

    Tani-Thanks! I just pit your number in my phone.

    Katie-I would love that! Just let me know when so I can shower. jk! kinda...