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Thursday, May 19, 2011


Two of my really good friend came over today and brought Los Favoritos. Los Favoritos was our place in high school. Still is. I have so many happy memories with these girls and of this place. Kinda weird when your childhood memories center around a little Mexican food place, but I like it. 


  1. I think Cody would kill for some Los right now- no good Mexican food in Georgia where they are. He'll be there for a week in July- bet he hits it for sure! (Sure enjoy your blog and keeping up with your little family- if you ever get to Salt Lake- come see us!) Miss your crazy family!
    Robyn Steele

  2. haha I bet he does too. It would be so fun to get everyone together and go. I hope he's doing good! I would love to come see you guys! I'll let you know for sure when we are up there. Love you!

  3. i knew that was los fav's sauce!! mmm... i love their breakfast burritos!