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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Ash's Baby Shower

Today was Ashley's baby shower!

She's so pretty.

Dad drove all the way to Rye to get these wild flowers for Ash.

My mom is pretty much the best thing ever if you didn't know.


My good friend Jo made this for Sadie! 

Jo and Max!

Aunt Julie and Aunt Leigh did the crepes!

And my really cute cousin Sarah!

It was lots of fun.


  1. Oh my, all those wildflowers are amazing! Looks so great. Congrats to Ashley!

  2. so fun! she looks beautiful!! i love all the bottles with the flowers & the pedestals. i wanted to make those for my wedding, but ran out of time. ): it all turned out so cute!! i love the pictures of jo & max, too! {remember, i know her?! she's hilarious!!!}

    congrats to ashley!!!

  3. Sara- Tell me again, were your girls pre-mature?
    Becky- Yes, Jo is the best! Come see me?

  4. You captured the shower so well! You've got quite a talent in photography & blogging, girl! The shower was a hit. I love you all!