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Friday, April 1, 2011

One Lucky Girl

Yesterday was a really good day for me. Graham and I woke up early (we went to bed at 8 the night before). Graham let me shower and get ready while he watched a little Thomas. Then we headed over to my mom's. Grandma played bubbles with Graham while we waited for Ash to get out of class. Then we all went to breakfast at Crackers. And it was amazing. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. Graham really liked our waiter. He said, "Hi, buddy." to Graham and then Graham said, "Hi, buddy!" right back and every time the guy walked by Graham said, "Hi, buddy!" to him. After our feast we ran some errands for the shower. And maybe we stopped and got some cupcakes and maybe we went to Sonic and maybe I even got a diet coke, who knows! It was a really fun girls day! To say nothing about the shower (I'm going to save that for my next post)! When I got home from the shower Amron had this little beauty waiting for me. Isn't it cute?! Well, I love it. 

I had such a fun birthday. I'm one lucky girl. 


  1. okay Now I KNOW you are spoiled.....LOL...I guess I did raise him right :) (it's really all him but a Mom can take a little credit...right?)

  2. hehe! I really am! And you spoil me too! Amron is the best, and you deserve a lot of the credit! Thank you!

  3. That camera is so cool! I've been seeing it a lot lately, which has to be a sign that I need one, right?