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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Morning

Graham and my mom reading Addie and Max, mom changed it to Sadie and Max.

Today I had a really short visit with Sadie and Max. I dropped of their milk and got more bottles from the nurse. But good news! Sadie drank her whole bottle last night by herself! She just needs to keep doing that to be able to come home. So that's pretty exciting. The beds that they sleep in look like space ships. They are pretty high tech.    

Sister Cross came over the other day and brought a ton of preemie outfits for the babies. It worked out perfect because the next day they told us they could start wearing clothes. Thanks Sister Cross!

Graham was such a good boy this morning. He waited in the car with his Grandma while I went up to see the babies and then waited in the car with me while we waited for my mom while she was in the bank. We went to Chipotle for lunch and Graham got black beans, cheese crisp and chocolate milk. He was one happy boy. Then we went to Michaels to get a few things for the baby shower and some felt so I can make a headband for Sadie. 

Then Aunt Martha came over with Molly, Sylvie and Jack and brought me chocolate! What a good morning.

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