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Saturday, April 16, 2011

How Graham's Coping

For all of you who are losing sleep over how Graham is doing please rest assured that he is getting more attention and doing more fun things then even before these. This is how we found him around 9am this morning; in dad's trailor with 3 Reeces. And right now as we speak he is swimming with his Aunt Ash and Uncle Shane. So if you want something to worry about, I would focus on his eating habits.

P.S. Thank you so much for everyone who came and saw us in the hospital and everyone who helped watch Graham while we went to the NICU and for all your comments of support. We love you guys and feel so blessed and supported. 


  1. He is one HAPPY BOY !!!! Lilttle jealous of all that attention and none of it is from me...but I am sure my turn will come again :)

  2. LOL I just realized he had a bite out of each one.....that is funny he put his claim on them and then ate them...I swear that boy is a genius!