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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Friday Nights

One of the things I miss most about being a teenager is Friday nights. I can remember spending 2 hours getting ready! What would that be like now? I can't imagine. This morning I was lucky to even put my contacts in. Things are a little different now. Welcome to adulthood I guess. So for the last week Amron and I have been wanting to see this movie but it just hasn't been working out. And I might have got a little frustrated about it the other night. Ok, I threw a fit. (So not "Welcome to adulthood"??) Can I just say I'm pregnant? Anyways, it didn't work out again tonight. I was too tired. And I started thinking about when we lived in Pima/Thatcher. We moved from Pima to Thatcher right after Graham was born and we never got a babysitter for him. Which means no going to the movies. What we would do was go to Wal-Mart, get out favorite treats, get a few movies from Blockbuster and go home and watch them all. Yep, sometimes 3 in one night! We also liked to play Monopoly. Our treats of choice would be Cow Tails for Amron (Have you ever had those?) and chocolate covered strawberries for me. Graham would get his favorite binkey and be put to bed.
Now that we live here and have so much family around it's not really a big deal to go to a movie and we don't really stay home and play games anymore. I guess we are pretty lucky to be able to do that and maybe I shouldn't through fits anymore. Maybe.

Graham snuggling with his new blanket.

These are the handkerchief pillows Aunt Tanya made me! Aren't they adorable?

Graham showing me the pictures. And my beautiful baby mobile made by Kelsey Stevens.

Hope you had a good Friday night!

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  1. I love your nursery - adorable!!! And can't wait to see pics of the babies!