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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday, Friday

This morning started off with my doctors appointment. I'm 35 weeks! Everything is going great. I started off with a NST, which is just where they put a bunch of monitors on my stomach and I sit there for 30 minutes while this little machine monitors the baby's movement and heart rates. Then I had an ultra sound. It was a really quick one just to measure the fluids. The little boy, baby A, is still not head down so that means a C-section. They told me I can schedule that at my appointment on Tuesday. We are thinking we will try to schedule it for April 29th around 4. Isn't that a funny thing to schedule? It will be so different from the last time. I'm kind of excited to be able to have everything in order and not be in pain. 
After the appointment we went to lunch with my mom, Ash and Shane. Then I put Graham down for a nap and we planned Ashley's baby shower! I'm really excited! Ash has a really cool style so we are going to try and reflect that with the shower.
Also if you didn't know I have a really good mom. She takes good care of me. We made some frozen dinners today so that I won't have to go to the store that much when the babies come. And we are making some more tomorrow.

Baby Shower Decor

Pom Poms

Freezer Meals


  1. Yes you do have a really good mom. Freezer meals are a great idea. Wish I would have made some. Glad things are going well with the twins, and good luck.

  2. I love everything....I am so glad you have gotten so amazing at keeping your blog..thanks for sharing :) And YOUR Mom is very very AMAZING!!! I am so glad we share grand-babies....