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Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter is a special day; especially for our family. Because Graham was born on Easter. 

Snuggling Chandler

Waking up Chase and taking a bath

Playing with Dad while we waited for Ash and Shane

So excited! We kind of like them.

The kids (we have 3!) Easter buckets. Graham got a new Thomas (Well Gordon)! 

Hunting for Eggs

And taking Chase his basket

Playing with toys and finding more eggs.

Amron had fun too. haha

Chandler got back surgery on Friday.

A toy Grandma got for Graham

Before we went to the Hamblin Easter dinner Amron and I went to the hospital to see Max and Sadie.

On our way out we realized that the RSV ban had been lifted so that ment Graham could finally come with us to see Max and Sadie. 

We had a few other visitors too! 


  1. I love the pictures of Graham & the twins. They are so sweet!

  2. awh, so precious! why did chandler have to have back surgery? ouch. you take such amazing pictures that capture each little moment, i love it!! and i love you! (:

  3. SADIE's HAIR. soooooooooo pretty. i hope it stays that way. it keeps getting brighter. i actually like it more now than when she was born. she's so perfect. i was telling shane (on the way from the hospital) that i can't wait until i can put her on my chest and lay on the couch and snuggle her :) i wanna come see her now that her feeding tube is out. i'm making up for all the comments i never posted !

  4. Chandler had a herneated disk! Becky! I want to talk to you so bad! Can you fly down here so we can go to lunch or something?? We really need to catch up.