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Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Eve

Harper Family Party

Sadie and Max are now in "normal cribs" nothing is keeping them warm but themselves. 

Graham and Uncle Chase found a little snake

Kisses for everyone

Graham is obsessed with eggs

And Chandler is obsessed with teasing Paige.

Snuggling with Uncle Chandler

And painting eggs with Grandma


  1. He is so cute!!! And all boy!!!! Hope you guys had a very Happy Easter! :)

  2. oh, little Graham is so cute! And I wonder where Chandler gets the teasing from ......mmmmm!!?? Nelson maybe? And then I'm so impressed with the garden. Nice. And I can' wait to meet the twins. Oh Brooke, your blog is darn adorable. I check it often :)

  3. Look at all of you! We sure miss all the Richardsons! And congrats on the babies Brooke- so wonderful! (Robyn Steele)

  4. Brooke he is SO flipping cute!! I love the pictures of him with the raddishes