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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekend Thus Far

My weekend didn't start out the best. I was getting really discouraged about Max being back in the other room on an IV and not eating and just really wanting needing to have my babies home. Then a nurse told me that Max was acting hungry and crying for his food but they were going to wait until the next day to feed him and that just broke my heart. I guess that's been the hardest part of them being in the hospital is that I just feel so helpless. I can't do anything to make them feel better. As a mom it's a natural instinct to try and make everything better. And not being able to do that has been really hard.

I've been trying to stay focused on how happy I am that they are here. I really feel so blessed and humbled that they are mine.

So I was having a pretty hard day on Friday. Then Friday night we hung out with Kelsey and Landon, Rusty and Julie, and Mallory. And we had so much fun. You know those people that you just feel so yourself around and comfortable? They are those kind of people. We just felt refreshed after being around them.

This morning we got a call from the nurse asking us to bring in Sadie's car seat because she is going to be coming home pretty soon! They never really told us for sure but they said maybe Sunday! I have decided that I'm going to the hospital in the morning and not coming back until I have her with me! Unless they say she has to stay longer....

And then today we went to lunch with Ash and Shane to.....


haha it was so good! you'll have to try it!

This is Amron bring Sadie's car seat!!!

And this is what Graham would do every minute of the day if we let him.

Tonight we went to dinner with the family then to visit the babies. Graham doesn't do to well in hospitals. I don't either. Good thing they are coming home soon!

Friday, April 29, 2011


Love this boy!

I'm making Paige headbands because she helped me clean out the pantry; 3 down 7 to go.

My latest obsession; rice pudding from Food City.

I talked to the doctor today and he said Sadie is doing really good, she can come home on Sunday if she doesn't have anymore cases of apneia and she starts eating a little bit more. Max has been on anti-biotics and could be home as soon as Wednesday. I'm really hopeful that that is what happens. Please keep us in your prayers. 

Thursday, April 28, 2011

My babies

I ache for them. 
I miss them like I would miss my arms. 
I feel lost. Like a mom who has just had 2 babies 
and now has none.

On a happier note....

This is what happens when Chandler's Young Men's leader brings over a Michael Jordan video.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ashley (my sister) took the bottom 2 pictures of Graham while he was spending the night at their house. Graham loves them and loves treats, as you can see. 

Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter is a special day; especially for our family. Because Graham was born on Easter. 

Snuggling Chandler

Waking up Chase and taking a bath

Playing with Dad while we waited for Ash and Shane

So excited! We kind of like them.

The kids (we have 3!) Easter buckets. Graham got a new Thomas (Well Gordon)! 

Hunting for Eggs

And taking Chase his basket

Playing with toys and finding more eggs.

Amron had fun too. haha

Chandler got back surgery on Friday.

A toy Grandma got for Graham

Before we went to the Hamblin Easter dinner Amron and I went to the hospital to see Max and Sadie.

On our way out we realized that the RSV ban had been lifted so that ment Graham could finally come with us to see Max and Sadie. 

We had a few other visitors too! 

Easter Eve

Harper Family Party

Sadie and Max are now in "normal cribs" nothing is keeping them warm but themselves. 

Graham and Uncle Chase found a little snake

Kisses for everyone

Graham is obsessed with eggs

And Chandler is obsessed with teasing Paige.

Snuggling with Uncle Chandler

And painting eggs with Grandma