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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my new obsession

I love thrift stores. Recently I get pretty pumped about the baby section. I love looking through everything and then getting so excited when you find that little GAP onsie for a buck but it's really only 50 cents because it has a blue tag. I love digging through buckets of baby shoes. The places where I have found most of my treasures has been Savers and Once Upon A Child. Last week when I was at Once Upon a Child they told me about some big sales they were going to be having in March. And here they are:

If you know of anything else like this please let me know! I'm always looking for cheap and cute baby clothes! 


  1. Thanks for the tips! Your blog looks so cute! I'm glad you're updating again, I've been wondering how you've been doing. I LOVE thrifting and finding a good deal! We'll have to go together sometime! I can't remember where you said you guys live but I like DI and there's a Target on Alma School and Queen Creek Rd. that always has awesome clearance! They seem to be ahead of the other Targets about wanting to get rid of their stuff fast :)

  2. We really should! We live in Amron's parents house so not to far from that Target. Grant is adorable! I'm glad you are enjoying him so much.

  3. Hey Ashley! You are really good at blog stuff, do you know how I can make my header bigger?

  4. Thanks! Where did you get the header? You can make it bigger in photoshop...if you already know the header is bigger than it's showing up, you can login to blogger, click on "design" at the top center then click on "template designer" then click on "advanced" then scroll to the bottom and click on "add CSS" copy and paste this:

    #Header1 {width:750px;margin:0 auto}

    The width of your header is probably 650 right now so that should make it a little wider. You may have to remove it and upload it again...let me know if it works or if I can help out another way...Molli (Norton) and I want to get together and blog sometime if you're interested in joining us! :)