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Saturday, September 4, 2010

I got bangs

Saturday afternoon. Still in my robe. Graham screaming in his bed in the background. Amron goes to get him and starts changing his diaper.
I hear:
Amron: "Eww it's green!
Graham! Poooop?
Amron: Poop!
Graham: "Giggle"
Amron: Wanna go night night?

these are my boys


  1. i just got bangs too! ha ha! you look cute!!!!

  2. Becky!!!! How are you? Tell me everything!! Maybe you could call me when you aren't busy and catch me up with your life ! love you!

  3. well, i just got up here to rexburg & i'm getting settled in. school starts thursday. it's already cold & i'm starting to wonder why i'm here. ha ha! things with cade are going VERY good. (: other than that, nothing is new. how is your schooling going this semester???!

  4. p.s. you look a LOT like ashley in this picture. and i don't think i've ever thought that in my life. weird.

  5. that sounds good pretty good, besides the cold part! and maybe cade not being there! school is going very well so far!! i have photography, math, and photoshop this semester. That is funny. i hear that alot more now that we are older.