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Monday, September 20, 2010

Amron's New Room

Things have been pretty crazy around our house lately. Crazy as in, we never seen Amron. Right now he is taking a pretty full load of classes and working the night shift. Most nights he doesn't get out of class till after 9 then goes to work at 10. He gets off at 2 and comes home to sleep. Graham usually wakes up around 7 and we aren't as quiet as we should be. Plus Graham's room echoes! So we decided to make a little bed in our closet for Amron. (The little yellow package is ear plugs)! I'm so greatful for a husband who works so hard for us. We are all making sacrifices but we know someday it will be worth it!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

I got bangs

Saturday afternoon. Still in my robe. Graham screaming in his bed in the background. Amron goes to get him and starts changing his diaper.
I hear:
Amron: "Eww it's green!
Graham! Poooop?
Amron: Poop!
Graham: "Giggle"
Amron: Wanna go night night?

these are my boys

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Rants and Raves

I like lots of stuff, who doesn't? But it's more then like for's obsessed! Here are a few things I can't stop thinking about:

-the fabric at Scrapbook Ect.
-The Rock Star Diaries Blog (she is adorable)!
-new shoes for Graham
-Photoshop, can't get enough
-canned chicken, weirdo you are thinking but i love how convenient it is for enchiladas, chicken salad, anything and everything!
-Wexler skin care
-mentha organics lip gloss at Bath&Body(it feels like Chapstick).
-craft night with my girls
-Mexico vacation in December!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-the sunlight around 6
-the 55mm 1.8 lens I just got
and soooooooooo many other fun things!