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Thursday, May 13, 2010

getting the hang of this

First day not in school and lovin it! Played house: cleaned, (scrubbed, dusted, washed, folded, dried, organized) cooked, and played!!!! I found out I passed math, what a relief. When Graham wakes up we look at the pictures of our family that are on a shelf above his bed. I showed him the pic of Amron and Lyle (Amron's dad) at our wedding and Graham said, "Babo." Lyle chose to be called Papo. Graham and I went outside and lay on our blanket Grammo (Susan) got me for mothers day. He lays down on my stomach and I switch him over to my arm where I can snuggle him really good and he points to an airplane and says, "moon''. Last week I decided I really liked drawing, amazing what happens when you really do something. I need to do more with photography. If anyone is reading this and wants some family pics or something let me know! Yesterday I got to eat the first tomato out of mom's garden. Makes me think I need to get started on my own maybe just tomatoes tho. I few days ago I got to talk to my amazing friend that I haven't talked to forever. Do you have friends that you don't talk to forever and when you do you feel like you still know everything about them? She's one of those friends. I miss her but she's moving here soon! Last weekend Chase went to the mormon prom. I took some pics! They look so cute! The girls are gorgeous!!! And modest!


  1. I'm soooo glad you FINALLY updated!! How are you guys? We miss you down here!

  2. Brooke!!! You're such a cute little mama. Love reading your blog. You are adorable. I'm impressed with your art skills. And what do you charge to take pictures?? Do you need some practice? We haven't had any pictures of our little fam since Lyla was born, so sad. I guess it doesn't help that we don't have a working camera. Let me know.