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Monday, May 17, 2010

Drawing Final

This is my final project for my drawing class. You should have seen my first one! I've come a loooong way.
P.S. The object on the left is a log of wood.


  1. wow!! so cool. i've always wanted to take a drawing class, but i think i'm too bad, they'd just send me home. (: your picture looks great though!

    are you guys going to the reunion? i still haven't met graham! ):

  2. Thanks! No they would not, my first drawing was sooo bad. Like I almost didn't go back after I was done with it cuz I was so depressed. Yes we are!!!! I can't wait to see you and catch up! It's really been forever. Do you remember when I spent the night (like 15 years ago!) and you gave my all your old jaw breakers that were the like the size of baseballs?! And we played poker with Marshall? That was fun.

  3. ha ha ha! i totally know what jaw breakers you're talking about!! we got them at a candy show over in ca with some neighbors and they were the biggest things ever- ha ha!