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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Tricks with dad

Graham loves sitting on Amron's hand while Amron balances him. It scares mom some times but "whaaatever".

Road Trip!!!

Today we went with Grammo and Papo to see Grandpa Draper and Annetia in York Valley. We went to Sonic first of course! We got to "visit" with Grammo and Papo on the way and hear the latest. Then when we got to Grandpa Drapers house we talked for a little bit then Grandpa took us to see Morenci and the mine. It was pretty cool. Grandpa was the perfect tour guide on accound of he worked for the mine for 32 years and is a tour gide for them now. We also went to our Uncle Bobby Dale's gave site. It was a pretty fun day.

3rd of July!

This was our pre-4th of July get together at Deidra and Garren's new, beautiful home. Alex is Graham's favorite cousin! Aren't they adorable??

Fourth of July

For the Fourth we went swimming at Uncle Steve's. Everyone in the fam came and Chase even brough his GF. Also Aunt Julie and Uncle Lance's familes came too. After we went swimming we went to Papa Chuy's, got frozen yogart, then to Uncle Lance's to watch fire works.

When God wants a great work done in the world or a great wrong righted, he goes about it in a very unusual way. He doesn't stir up his earthquakes or send forth his thunderbolts. Instead, he has a helpless baby born, perhaps in a simple home of some obscure mother. And then God puts the idea into the mother's heart, and she puts it into the baby's mind. And then God waits. The greatest force in the world are not the earthquakes and the thunderbolts. The grestest force in the world are babies. -E.T. Sullivan

Great Stuff:

-before and after pics
-see Graham's personal stylist
-and see some frekin adorable cheeks

Graham's First Hair Cut!


Graham and I went to the Pima Pool. There is a little kids pool that is small and shallow. Graham just looked around and squinted a lot. All the little girls were very interested in Graham and wanted to hold him. We let a few of them...


Our New Ward

We love our new ward in Pima! Three other young married couples moved into the ward all with in a few weeks of us so we have lots of new friends. One of the little familes are our cousins! Drew, Rikki, and Brock live in the same place that we do! They are so fun. We love playing games and just hanging out with them. Brock is a few months older then Graham so we are super excited for them to be buddies. And it's cool how it worked out that we all basically visit teach and home teach eachother so we get lots of extra hanging out time. Also we had to speak a few weeks ago! Ekk. And I got called to be an Assistant Beehive Advisor. We had a sleep over on Wednesday and I loved it. I feel like i'm 13 again. I know kinda scary....
"Men, in general, are but great children" -Napoleon Bonaparte

Papo is sooo amazing. Sometimes he tries to act pretty tough but it's all a show. He loves his grandsons like nothing else. It's precious. We love that he loves Graham. We are so excited for when Graham gets a little older and can do all the fun things Papo wants to do with him. Like lawn mower rides, camping, shooting, and of course eating tons of ice cream!

Graham's Blessing Day/Night

spirit, peace, contentment, joy, unity(with Amron), happiness, purity, beauty, and hope. These are the words that I wrote down the night after Graham's blessing that helped we to put my feelings on paper. It was such a special experience. Almost all of the people we love the most could be there with us and the Spirit was so strong. I was so happy. It was such a good day to reflect on my life and realize how blessed I am. I have an amazing, worthy Priesthood holder as my husband and we have a sweet bundle of joy straight from our Heavenly Father. Everything isn't perfect and I have alot of improving but I know Heavenly Father is happy with me and the choices I am making in my life right now. There is nothing better that I could be spending my time on then our little family.
It was also so special to share that day with Graham's Aunt Paige, and our cousins Jace and Trent. One of the many perks to being a part of a big, huge, fun family.
P.S. Granny made Graham's little blessing outfit and it turned out very nice, thanks Granny!

We moved! MAY 2009

Papo is helping us move! And he was a pretty good help...if we kept him away from Graham.
In May we moved from Thatcher to Pima. It was an upgrade for sure. Our new place is a 3 bed room 2 bath, washer dryer hook ups and AC. What more could you want??? We love it and feel pretty spoiled. We always get blessed with way more then we deserve. And we are so greatful for our fam for all thier support. Comming soon.....more pics of our place!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Graham loves bath time!

The first pic was when his grandma Richardson came and stayed with us and was our angel for a week. She cooked! cleaned! and basically took care of us. In this pic she is giving
Graham a bath.
The second pic Graham is in grammo Harper's sink and loving it! We love Grammo and Papo!
The last pic is of Graham and his mom (me!) at the Richardson's home. Cute vinyl huh?! (

I have not updated for sooo long but lots a good stuff has happened so here is go.....