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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In high school I was really good about having goals, writing them down and accomplishing them. I started to slide in college and it seems I got worst after I was married. Now all of the sudden I'm so motivated to set goals. I'm pretty sure it's Heavenly Father prompting me to be the best mom that I can be. So I'm going to write some of my goals in my blog so I'm more accountable to them. Then I will write about how I'm doing on them.

Goal #1 Read scriptures and say prayers everyday.

Goal #2 Study Spanish half an hour everyday.

Goal #3 Be organized.

Goal #4 No gossiping!

Goal #5 Figure out Body-for-Life plan and once I start stick to it!

Goal # 6 Be the best mom that I can be.

Something else that is really important to me is I want to develop Christ like love. I'm sure this will take me soooo long but I know with the Savior's help I can do it!

My ultimate goal is to return to my Heavenly Father and be with my family forever. The other goals should help me to get there.


  1. You're so good Brooke! I love that you started a blog, now we can keep up on your new life as a mama... is it all you thought it would be? It is wonderful. I'll send you an invite to our blog, since it's private.

  2. hi brooke this is julie thatcher. kelsey told me about your blog so i hope you don't care if i add you to my friends list?! your little guy is so adorable!! i have to see him sometime. you are going to be an awesome mom!!!

  3. Way to go girl! Pass on some of that motivation to me! There is an awesome book I am reading, "A Heart Like His" by Virginia Pierce". It's really wonderful! btw what is your email so we can add you to our blog!

  4. Hey Aunt Linda! Haha i really like being a mom! right now i'm going through a phase where i feel like i don't know what i'm supposed to be doing. I have the schedule part down but now i'm like now what? he keeps me busy of course i just wish there was a little more structure. I guess i just need to make a good schedule. Any ideas for me??

    Hi Julie!!!!!!!!!!! Of course!! I want to follow yours too! I'm so excited for you guys!! Carden is sooooooo cute and you are a beautiful mom!! Good luck with everything! How did your delivery go??
    Rachael!! I don't really have any motivation. I was looking over this list and realizing how I didn't get one thing on there done. I really want to tho! I have heard of that book! I want to read it. Do you have it? I'm so excited for our craft day!!! And I love that blog that you got the headband idea from, so cool.