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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Graham was born on Easter!

Graham was born on Easter!
The Friday before he was born I went to the hospital with my mom, all ready to have this boy. My contractions were 5-7 minutes apart and 1 minute long. I had been having contractions for the last few days and and really strong ones the night before at my baby shower (which was so great by the way!). I had called my doctor and got the okay to go to the hospital. We got to the hospital and they hooked me up to a machine that monitored the intensity of the contractions, had me lay down and asked me lots of very personal questions. After about an hour of this the very sweet nurse said my contractions were too speratic, to come back when they were closer to a minute apart, and to take Tylenol for the pain. I was pretty bummed but the one good thing that had happened while I was in the hospital was that I talked to Amron and he was coming!!! Amron had been in Thatcher going to school while I had been in Gilbert, with my parents waiting for the baby to come.
That evening after watching What Not to Wear. Me, Amron, Ash, Shane, Mom, and Paige all went to eat. We went to this not very good Hawaiian place. That night I started having bad, bad contrations. Ones that really hurt not just tightened! Didn't get a lot of sleep that night. The next day was more of just waiting for little Graham. We went to the Harpers, Lyle looked at the Blazer. And we just kinda hung out. That night we all squeezed into the Mini and went to Jordan's (really good Mexican food in Phoenix). Mom and dad were in the front. Me, Amron, Ash and Shane in the middle and Chase, Chandler, and Paige in the back! It was fun.
That night we didn't sleep at all. The contractions were close and long but didn't seem to be close enough. We kept timeing and finally, around 2 AM (Easter Morning) and in the bath, they were a mintue apart. But they didn't stay a minute! But we decided to go the the hospital anyways. When we got there I could barly tell the front desk lady my info cuz I was crying. They hurt real bad! But we were they and they did the test to see how dialated I was and I was a 5. So that ment we could stay!
The next part was a little scary. The IV. Then, The Epidural. But it went great! Me and Amron said a little prayer before they put the Epidural in and everything went fine. After I had the Epidural I didn't feel any pain what so ever. It was amazing. All the family came in my room while we were waiting and I even took a little nap I was so comfortable! Then after a few hours the nurse said I was ready to start pushing and everyone left except for mom, dad, and Amron. Dr. Holmes came a little while after we started pushing. We was excited like always. I was feeling so good! After about 45 minutes of pushing Graham came into our lives and we will never be the same. From the first minute of his life there has been a special spirit with him. You could feel the spirit enter the room as Graham was born. Dad said there was tears in the Doctor's eyes. Right after he came out Doctor Holmes put him on my chest and right then I realized I was a mom. And this was my baby. And I loved him soo much!

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  1. Brooke and Amron I am so glad you decided to do a blog...can't wait to read all about your lives and Graham....sure do love you...Mom Harper